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Laminate flooring installed in Greenville, NC

Laminate Flooring Greenville & Winterville, NC

Laminate flooring is often seen as the ‘poor cousin’ in the choice of flooring materials, yet this affordable alternative to solid wood and other options has come a long way in terms of quality. The top-quality laminate flooring that Waters Flooring Center stocks and install come in a range of finishes and when professionally installed gives an impressive result. Even at a lower cost, you will receive a new floor that will impress and last for years.

Laminate differs from vinyl flooring, for example, in that it is usually supplied in solid planks. These are made from composite materials such as waste wood which are tightly compressed. On the top is a photographic render of high quality of wood, or perhaps stone. This is then covered by a clear protective coating. The top layer or “wear layer” is what makes the surface durable through the years. Even small blemishes will be hidden on the surface below with the same texture, color, and look.

The best laminate flooring can be difficult to tell apart from solid wood without careful inspection, and at surprisingly affordable prices is popular with those who don’t have a large budget. If you come to Waters Flooring Center and talk to us about your flooring requirements, we will help you choose the right solution to suit your budget. You can also use our flooring visualizer to see our laminate product selection and even upload images of your own rooms to see what our laminate products will look like in your own home.

Start by clicking the ‘Request a Quote’ button on the screen and filling your details in the form, and we’ll come back to you with an estimate for your flooring requirements. Every project is different and we are glad to provide a free measure and quote to make sure that our services are within your budget and will fit your needs.

Not sure laminate is the right option for you? Browse our carpet, LVT, LVP, hardwood flooring, and tile flooring options. If you don’t know where to start, this is not a problem either. Contact us and one of our flooring specialists will be glad to provide a consultation at no cost to see how we can best serve your individual needs.


Why should you choose Waters Flooring Center for your laminate or other flooring work? Here are some reasons our satisfied clients gave:

  • Many years of experience in laminate and other floors.

  • Only top laminate flooring manufacturers used.

  • Excellent prices that are more than competitive.

  • Reputation for first-class customer service.

  • Wide choice of laminate flooring finishes.

  • Free no obligation advice on all your flooring needs.


  • What are Your Rates for Laminate Flooring Installation?

    Click on the ‘Request a Quote’ button and fill in your details for an estimate.

  • Can I Choose the Finish of Laminate Flooring?

    Yes, you can choose from a comprehensive range of wood, stone, and other finishes at Waters Flooring Center.

  • How Long Will Installation Take?

    This depends on the size and number of rooms you need flooring but our installers are the best around.

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